Once upon a time there were two creatures who moved in to a three-unit burrow in North Oakland. Wiley was a smallish creature who liked to gobble spaghetti and sprint around the neighborhood. (What she was chasing after, we’re not sure. A runaway meatball perhaps?)


Ingo was an even smallerish creature who loved her pet praying mantis, finding small places to hide in her closet, and piloting vintage planes.


When they first moved in, the burrow smelled like an unused library. When it rained, the closet leaked and ants paraded in.

But Ingo and Wiley worked hard to make their new house a home. They mopped, scoured, and disinfected. They salvaged furniture from a nearby junkyard and gave old chairs and treasure chests lots of TLC. They worked on art projects and decorated the living room with things that inspired them. Their place was tiny but full of love and good cheer. Great things happened while the two shared their burrow. They got to know their neighbors. Friends came over for pizza parties and pinata powwows. Ingo got engaged to an Endearing Dino and Wiley met a Cosmic Creature who was out of this world. A lot of yummy snacks were had.

But to every thing there is a season, and eventually each of the creatures moved out of their burrow and into new habitats. Ingo and Wiley stayed close friends though and one day, while Wiley was helping Ingo with wedding crafts, Quizzical Creatures was born.

Quizzical Creatures is a celebration of two of life’s greatest blessings: friendship and treasured moments. We’re inspired by the natural world around us (e.g., insects, animals) and when we hear encouraging stories about our fellow human beings — the most quizzical creatures of all.