by Wiley

You don’t need an arsenal of art supplies at the ready to get the creative juices flowing. Here are some easy projects from Kiwi Crate’s popular Two-Ingredient Tuesday feature:

  •  Create a craft stick puzzleAh, the craft stick—that most ubiquitous of art supplies. Craft sticks have fortified countless cabins, propped up innumerable paper puppets, and provided the framework for frames beyond measure. Their versatility makes them a favorite around these parts. And if you’re really lucky, you can obtain them the old-fashioned way. (By snacking on Popsicles.) Craft stick puzzles build up patterning and sequencing skills—plus they’re a hit with kids of all ages!



  • Experiment with negative space drawings.  Playing around with the space around and between objects bolsters spatial thinking skills…and is just plain fun! Cut out some simple shapes (e.g., circles, triangles) from a sheet of paper, and see what your kids come up with.