by Wiley

  • Summer Splashdown: 5 Water Games for Kids.Searching for a surefire way to put a smile on your kid’s face? Just add water!Have you noticed how most kids love water play? One parenting paradox is how it can be a struggle to get kids to take baths—yet when you bust out a Slip-N-Slide (or water balloon), kids can’t wait to give it a go (or throw)! Make a splash in your summer routine with these fun water games and activities.
  • Design a Discovery Zone. Creating space around the home for your kids to…well, be kids will help open up a world of imagination. Here are some
    ways that you can make room for creativity in the home.
  • 7 Super Summer Camp Crafts. Recently, I had an amazing time at a homegrown summer camp. Two of my favorite neighborhood kids invited me to Adventure Camp, a carnival wonderland that the kids constructed out of cardboard and anything else they could get their hands on. (One of the games involved seeing how quickly camp visitors could shove rocks and pebbles down a cardboard tube.)
    The kids created their own tickets and prizes, and eagerly encouraged me to spend my “tokens.” (By the end of the afternoon, Violet even sweet-talked her way into making me an Official Employee.)Violet and Max had never heard of the Los Angeles boy who recently made headlines for bringing a community together with his elaborate cardboard arcade. However, Adventure Camp was certainly in the spirit of Caine’s Arcade.Whether your child’s at a sleepaway camp or you’re hosting a day camp of your own, these camp crafts are a great way for kids to get creative.