by Wiley

For a newbie sewer like me, the more visuals, the better!

This weekend, I used Etsuko Furuya’s “Scooter” fabric to make a small bag for a friend who’s traveling abroad this summer.

The bag’s pattern is based off of the “Velcro Pouches” chapter of Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby book. The book has a ton of cute product shots but is fairly text heavy, with few (if any) instructional diagrams for each project.

I made some adjustments to Jansdotter’s pattern and have rewritten simplified instructions. After the jump, you’ll find step-by-step pictures of how you can make a travel bag of your very own!


The “right” side of the fabric = the side with the design
The “wrong” side of the fabric = the back of the design

1. Cut a swatch of preshrunk fabric 16.5″x8.5″. Cut a strip of Velcro 6″ long.


2. “Wrong” side: At one end, fold the fabric over 0.25″ and iron. Fold the fabric another 0.25″ and iron again. Do the same for the other end of the fabric. Sew straight lines along both ends.


3.  “Right” side: Measure the fabric 2″ in, and then sew the loop (soft) side of the Velcro alongside the 2″ mark. (The right side of the Velcro should be adjacent to the 2″ mark.)


4. “Wrong” side: On the left side of the fabric, fold the fabric 0.5″ and iron. Fold the fabric another 1″ and iron again.


5. “Right” side: Unfold the hem. Sew the hook (hard) side of the Velcro onto the 1″ thick area.


6. “Wrong” side: Fold the hem back into place, then sew a straight line next to the right side of the Velcro.


7. “Right” side: Fold in the right side 5″ and iron. Sew a straight line along the top and bottom edges of the doubled-up 5″ of fabric, then zigzag stitch alongside the straight stitches (to prevent fraying).


8. Turn the pouch right side out.


9. Fold the bottom of the flap over 0.25″ and iron. Fold the fabric another 0.25″ and iron again. Sew the hem. (As per the photo below.) Do the same for the top of the flap.


10. Ta-da! Your on-the-go bag, all ready to go!