by Wiley

BABIES! BABIES! BABIES! The world’s crawling with them! Babies and mommies-to-be have been hot topics lately, and I can’t wait to meet all the newly minted 2012 editions.

Earlier this month, Jirat and I threw a baby shower for a friend who’s expecting twins (and who has really been into the color mint).

Party favors included mugs with peppermint tea for the ladies…


…and giant heart crayons for the kiddies!


I made sherbet-y bunting…


…and Jirat made mint-colored poms. We also reused the raincloud poms that Ingo made for Heather’s shower.  (Thanks, Ingo!)



Party games included “What’s In Mommy’s Purse?,” “Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size,” and a quiz about twins. Game winners took home boxes of Thin Mints.


Here’s the completed diaper cake that I blogged about a few entries back. It’s decorated with Sukie notecards, felt ribbons from Anthropologie’s Christmas gift wrap, some Medela bottles, and an ark.


To make the ark, my very wonderful/helpful boyfriend carved a trunk bark stamp  (his very first linocut!) and I printed the image onto some cardstock.


Jirat was in charge of food, and she really knocked it out of the park. My favorite was the miang kum, a delicious Thai snack that’s made with about 20 different ingredients (if you include all the items you need to make the sauce). She also made a cake with edible flowers…


…and used her Thai-tanic strength and a giant cleaver to carve up some coconuts.


A pretty amazing thing happened during the “Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size” game. To play the game, each guest had me cut a piece of string that they hoped would fit around the mommy-to-be’s baby bulge. The youngest party guest (who’s only five) was one of the first people to take the spool. After thinking about it for several minutes, she finally showed me where she wanted me to make the cut. As the spool was then passed around to other attendees, the youngest guest came up to me twice to ask if she could make some adjustments to her original guess. (Both times, she had me cut off TINY increments to her string.) When it finally came time to measure around the guest of honor’s belly, it turned out that all the adults had totally overestimated—but the youngest guest’s guess was uncanny: it wrapped PERFECTLY around MTB’s stomach, end-to-end!