by Wiley

Beebe + BunBun = 2GETHA 4EVA!  A good friend from work recently moved on to greener pastures. As a going away gift, our team gave her adoption papers for BunBun, a jack rabbit puppet that Beebe adored and kept propped up next to her desk. As part of Beebe’s gift, I made a felt carrot for BunBun. Here’s a quick craft project you can work on for the veggie-lover in your life:


  • orange felt
  • green felt
  • needle
  • thread
  • pinking shears (or fabric scissors)
  • polyester batting
  • optional: sewing machine
  1. Sew squiggly lines on the orange felt. No need to be precise!
  2. Fold the felt in half then sew a carrot-shaped line down one side. Trim outside the line.
  3. Flip the fabric inside out, then stuff the carrot with batting.
  4. Cut leaves out of the green felt. Cut a slit through the middle of the leaves .  I opted to create Sideshow Bob-like leaves with pinking shears.
  5. Stuff the top of the carrot through the slit in the green felt. Gather the felt then hand-stitch the leaves and carrot together.
  6. Ta-da! You, too, can create a carrot faster than it takes to say, “What’s up, Doc?”!