by Wiley

Everyone knows what’s at the end of a rainbow. (A pot of gold, tiny crunchy marshmallows, and the dissolution of the dispersion of light.) But what treasures lie in the space between the oft-hyped yet ever-elusive double rainbow?

We searched the world over to answer this mystery. What we found may shock and delight you…

It turns out that the land between double rainbows is home to colorful tribes of itty-bitty vegan dinosaurs that stomp around on stubby legs and let out shrill roars of feigned ferocity. Who’da thunk?

Now here’s your chance to experience the magic. As our very first Etsy product, we’re excited to offer you a HOMEMADE GOODIE BAG FILLED WITH 8 RAINBOW DINOSAUR CRAYONS.

The glittery dinos measure ~1″x1.25″x0.5″ and are made from high-quality Crayola crayons. (Your crayons will be similar to, but not exactly the same as, what’s pictured in this listing.)

The goodie bag is made out of a rainbow-patterned turquoise (or pink) cotton fabric and measures ~5″x8″. A cartoon dinosaur patch, backed by a felt zig-zag square, is sewn on the front.  The bag is tied with a jaunty turquoise (or cream-colored) bow.

Your kid will get a kick out of these fantastical creatures!

Here’s what one mom had to say: “[Our family has] a hard and fast rule about ‘no toys at the dinner table.’ But let me tell you, that one went out the window today at lunch, when [my son] and I opened your package just as we were sitting down to eat! We immediately got some paper and started to put our new friends to use while hounding down our lunch!! Do you love that I’m saying ‘we’ and ‘our’…Yes, I was just as excited as my two-foot partner in crime….And let me tell you—he was excited!!!! He LOVES them and asked if he could color again when he’s done napping.  It went a little like this: ‘Mama, color with tigers all done sleepy-time.’ He thinks one of the dinos looks like a tiger, so that’s what he’s named them…”

Know a little munchkin who’d appreciate these one-of-a-kind scribblers? Come get your own litter at our Etsy store!