by Wiley

Last weekend, the postman delivered a very special package that had left the United States, got caught up in a whirlwind romance with a femme fatale during a choppy transatlantic cruise, made a few poor life choices while backpacking across Eastern Europe, then boomeranged back to the East Coast (to mend a broken heart or to flee from the Polish popo, most likely). At least, that’s probably what happened because otherwise we’re not sure why it took the U.S. Postal Service a month and a half to deliver a Priority Mail package from Alabama to Florida.

Walt’s Grandmommy meticulously cross-stitched this stocking and sent it off from Alabama to Florida last December. 40 days and nights passed (how very biblical!), then Walt’s momma received the cross-stitching, made the beautiful green stocking part, and mailed this very sweet gift off to me here in California. Along the way, a thoughtful elf filled the package with goodies, including several Moleskines and four of my favorite pens (Pilot G-2s, if you’re wondering). It was a January miracle!

Here’s my lovely and much-loved new stocking:

All kidding aside, I’m a big fan of the USPS. I really like going to the post office, decking out packages with fun stamps, and checking out the new selections. I also really like visiting the USPS website to learn more about the stamps that I’ve purchased. (I’m beginning to see why I can never quite seem to finish all the things I want to do each day…)

The day that the package arrived in Florida, I had happened to visit my local post office. (Mailing an envelope to China was only $1.05!) Here are some Garden of Love stamps I picked up during the trip:

I don’t really collect stamps…or I’m more of a temporary collector, at best. I eventually end up using the ones I get (over a period of several years). Here are two favorite sets that are almost gone. You can figure out how old they are by their prices. (It was only last year that the USPS made all first-class stamps “forever” stamps, rather than putting a value on each sticker.)

Who will be the lucky recipient of the highly coveted Storm Troopers stamp? It could be YOU! 😉