by Wiley

Our dear friend Caleb got a cool new job in Texas, so Walt and I wanted to send him off with a memento to help Caleb remember all the good times he’s had in the Golden State. Caleb’s had plenty of good times at his favorite restaurant EVER, so we thought this gift might be appropriate. (During his last month here, Caleb ate Pluto’s almost every day and cataloged the experience on Facebook.)

Walt hand-stitched the lettering and I machine-sewed the rest of this alien salad creature thing:

If you ever want to give Pluto’s a try, here are Caleb’s tried (and tried and tried) and true recs:

My favorite salad was a fruity Chicken Caesar — mixed greens, HOT chicken, DOUBLE
croutons, Parmesan cheese, walnuts, pears, strawberries, carrots; three scoops of dressing. I also often got garbanzo beans (somehow theirs taste much better than those that I’ve found in random salad bars like Whole Foods), grilled fennel, fried onions, and raisins. Right at the end, I discovered that red onions go really well with this salad. Over time, I had started to switch to balsamic vinaigrette (to try to marginally increase the healthiness of the above salad), in which case, I’d go with more savory things like grilled red peppers and olives when they had them.

Don’t forget — DOUBLE croutons!