by Wiley Ingo’s just six days away from saying “I do” to her most favorite creature! Meanwhile, yesterday, my best boy and I celebrated our anniversary. 366 days ago, the funniest, kindest, wisest, sweetest guy I’ve ever known fell out of the sky and onto my front porch (wearing a cowboy hat). We enjoyed a marathon first date, which culminated in a midnight viewing of Toy Story 3, which had just come out earlier that day.

In celebration of hitting the one year mark, I commissioned our super talented Pixar animator friend Austin to create a drawing that commemorated my and Walt’s first date. The only direction I gave Austin was “something Toy Story 3 related…maybe including the three aliens…and maybe somehow incorporating this picture (see below).”

Here’s what Austin came up with (in oh…about half an hour!):

…final draft! Can you spot Mickey?