by Wiley

For Ingo’s birthday, my best boy and I made a spice cake with caramel frosting using his momma’s recipe. Just for fun, he then gathered all the crumbs and extra frosting, stuck a toothpick in it, and called it his “luscious cake pop.”

Cake pops, which were popularized by Bakerella, are balls of cake coated in chocolate. An apter term for W.’s creation would probably be Fist o’ Frosting.

Inspired by his delicious creation, Walt and I decided to take our first (then second) intrepid steps into the world of cake pops. The first attempt was a disaster — I started mashing the cake before it had cooled completely (figuring that the cake would cool faster if it was broken into little pieces), which then left the cake way too moist during the cake ball-forming process. Our second attempt fared better so we packaged up the lollies then shipped them to our mums for Momma’s Day.


…on a somewhat related note (at least as far as the title of this post goes), this evening I felt a hankering to make something so I scoured my room (for a good hour!) trying to dig up my box of linocut supplies. I couldn’t find it but I did come up with a stash of spare fabric. After experimenting with muslin and felt, I ended up making a felt mum. (The muslin wasn’t stiff enough for the look I was going for.) I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with it yet. I’m thinking maybe making a bunch in neutral tones, sewing them on to white burlap, then making a wall hanging. Or maybe just using them to package up gifts.

Feelin’ crafty like a fox that enjoys quiet domestic endeavors.