by Wiley

A friend from college recently commissioned me for an art project. R. wanted to give her husband a gift she’d been thinking about for a few years. She asked if I could draw a map that commemorated her and her husband’s courtship during their student days at Berkeley. (She thought of me because of a journal I’d made for her in 2004 that featured the Phantom Tollbooth map as well as some personal projects I’d made in 2005 that were inspired by Stephannie Barba’s wedding maps.) She provided a list of symbols (as well as the story behind each), and together we worked through a few rough drafts.

I started the final draft at my housemate’s new art studio space in San Francisco’s SoMa district. (She’s got a wall of windows overlooking the Bay — and a Philz Coffee across the street to boot — a perfect recipe for creativity!)  That same day, my own beau and I worked on a birthday gift for our favorite seven-year-old.

Walt composed this poem while biking to work one morning, and, that Saturday, I penned/illustrated the story. We colored the poster together with the brand-spanking new set of Prismacolor pencils I got for Rebekah’s project.

This past weekend, on our way down to Santa Cruz, Walt and I stopped by San Jose to drop off the drawing in person.


Drawing is an area where Ingo really shines (I’m more a crafter), but these projects were definitely fun to create and a great way to get the creative juices flowing. And it was fantastic connecting with old friends and collaborating with my best boy!